.abeceda VI.–Neža Zupanc–Music For An Imaginary Film

    Fri / 07.07. at 21:30


    CD Park day ticket: EUR 10 (free admission with same-day concert tickets)

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    CD Park (Council of Europe Park), Old Tree Stage

    Oskar Longyka, violin; Nuša Rejc, violin; Manica Slapšak, viola; Bruna Šestić, cello; Neža Zupanc, flute, composition

    Neža Zupanc is a classically trained flutist and composer in the making. With a line-up of fellow alumni, Zupanc will present a new selection from Glasba za namišljeni film (Music for an Imaginary Film), original interpretations of her study portfolio grounded in the Questions of the Beautiful, Original and the Origin. The structure of the composition is based on imaginary screenplays and the music itself; for the sake of clarity and transparency, it has been developed pragmatically with a view to encompassing the infinite possibilities of composition and its reception.

    Wihh support Japan Piano Center

    Due to the cancellation of his European tour Ben LaMar Gay will not perform at the 64th Ljubljana Jazz Festival.

    Artistic Directors (SI): Bogdan Benigar, Borja Močnik, Andrej Dré Hočevar*
    *(artist-in-residence; .abeceda VI.; Mladi Raziskovalci VI.)