Mladi Raziskovalci VI. – Domen Kužnar – +Disposition

    Thu / 06.07. at 21:30


    CD Park day ticket: EUR 10 (free admission with same-day concert tickets)

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    CD Park (Council of Europe Park), Old Tree Stage

    Miha Sever, piano; Anja Kralj, violin; Manica Slapšak, viola; Domen Kužnar, viola

    Mladi Raziskovalci (Young Researchers), a guided series of residences, concerts and performance events, is aimed at integrating a selected young artist into professional infrastructure and research environments. One of this year’s artists-in-residence is violist Domen Kužnar. In creating the show’s content, Domen Kužnar’s main guidelines are the structure of the composition and the exploration of personal compositional structures through artistic practice. How do the specifics such as subject, expression, creativity or meaning inform, construct, modify, enhance the structure itself, assist in developing composition and, consequently, music? How does this influence the understanding and perception of music? The concert seeks to showcase the body of work created throughout the year and developed within the context of the Mladi Raziskovalci programme and artistic residence.

     Wihh support Japan Piano Center

    Due to the cancellation of his European tour Ben LaMar Gay will not perform at the 64th Ljubljana Jazz Festival.

    Artistic Directors (SI): Bogdan Benigar, Borja Močnik, Andrej Dré Hočevar*
    *(artist-in-residence; .abeceda VI.; Mladi Raziskovalci VI.)