Nika Hölcl Praper: Zlatko Kaučič – Everydayness

    Tue / 04.07. at 19:30


    Admission free

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    Photography exhibition opening


    Slovenian jazz composer, improviser, percussionist and educator is based in the village of Vipolže in Western Slovenia’s Goriška Brda region. Photographer Nika Hölcl Praper is examining the question whether an address, a place of residence, is even relevant to an artist-cosmopolite, whether a man’s true home and place of refuge is not simply one’s state of mind. The photos were taken at Kaučič’s concerts and his home. The exhibition shows two worlds: his “altar of confession” – the stage – and his personal space, chiefly aiming to provide an inside look at the musician’s everyday life. With Kaučič, there seem to be no boundaries between music and life, between the public and private spheres.

    Nika Hölcl Praper built her photography career after graduating in sociology and philosophy in Ljubljana. In addition to concert photography, she focuses on other areas of culture and the arts, especially in the Koroška region (Carinthia). She takes part in projects aimed at raising awareness and integrating the arts into education. The central core of her curiosity lies in merging ethics and aesthetics, and exploring the boundaries between light and dark.

    Sponsor of the Small Gallery Loterija Slovenije

    Due to the cancellation of his European tour Ben LaMar Gay will not perform at the 64th Ljubljana Jazz Festival.

    Artistic Directors (SI): Bogdan Benigar, Borja Močnik, Andrej Dré Hočevar*
    *(artist-in-residence; .abeceda VI.; Mladi Raziskovalci VI.)