Fire! Orchestra CBA Ljubljana

    Sat / 18.06. at 20:30

    Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana

    admission free

    CD Park (Council of Europe Park), Main Stage

    Mats Gustafsson, reeds; Cene Resnik, tenor saxophone; Susana Santos Silva, trumpet; Mats Äleklint, trombone; Martin Hederos, Fender Rhodes, organ; Maša Bogataj, guitar; Julien Desprez, guitar; Urška Preis, harp; Jelena Ždrale, violin; Ema Krečič, cello; Aleksander Sever, vibraphone; Johan Berthling, bass; Andreas Werliin, drums
    (Sweden, Slovenia, Portugal, France)

    In 2009, Mats Gustafsson founded the Fire! trio (bassist Johan Berthling and drummer Andreas Werliin), which blended the elements of free jazz, psychedelic rock and noise. Less than ten years ago, the original trio developed into Fire! Orchestra, a modern new jazz collective of musicians from various countries who expanded the trio’s initial vision through their experience in a wide variety of musical settings. The band, featured at our festival in 2015, introduced a new approach in 2021 through adopting the concept of community-based activity (CBA). The band is combined with musicians from a local environment, and a special programme is rehearsed several days before the concert. The orchestra will play both new compositions written especially for this set and older materials in new arrangements.

    Due to the cancellation of his European tour Ben LaMar Gay will not perform at the 64th Ljubljana Jazz Festival.

    Artistic Directors (SI): Bogdan Benigar, Borja Močnik, Andrej Dré Hočevar*
    *(artist-in-residence; .abeceda VI.; Mladi Raziskovalci VI.)