Music and Ballet Conservatory presents: Big Band KGBL Ljubljana and small combos

    Sat / 18.06. at 11:30

    Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana

    admission free

    CD Park (Council of Europe Park), Main Stage

    Big Band KGBL: saxophones: Anton Čuden, Ajda Kuntarič, Ian Pirc, Ian Baumgartner, Brita Kren; trombones: Luka Vindšnurer, Žan Salaj, Blaž Kozjek, Andrej Zupančič; trumpets: Rok Gerl, Luka Požar, Tim Gregorc, Miha Eržen; piano: Jaka Špehar, Aljoša Kavčič; guitar: Luka Debelič, Ian Miklavčič, Maj Špacapan, Matevž Počič; bass: Vasja Caharija; drums: Jaka Podgornik, Luka Hren, Tijan Grašič
    Small combos: Rok Gerl, trumpet, Ian Pirc, tenor saxophone; Jaka Špehar, Aljoša Kavčič, piano, keyboards; Neža Okorn, vocals; Matevž Počič, Luka Debelič, guitar; Vasja Caharija, Jon Poljanec, double bass; Luka Hren, Tijan Grašič, drums

    The Jazz Festival Ljubljana places special focus on young artists, not only featuring various performances by young musicians programmed in cooperation with the .abeceda Institute over the past five years, but also giving prominence to students of the Ljubljana Music and Ballet Conservatory (KGBL) this year. The Conservatory is the only school in our country that provides formal education in jazz and band music. While teaching the rudiments of music theory, the curriculum promotes the creativity and innovation of an individual musician, as well as the technical mastery of an instrument or voice and ensemble performance.
    The KGBL Big Band and smaller jazz bands will present a programme devised especially for our festival.