Thu / 16.06. at 23:00

    Cankarjev dom, Prešernova cesta 10, Ljubljana

    EUR 12, 9*

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    CD Club

    Julien Desprez, guitar; Jean-François Riffaud, el. bass; Francesco Pastacaldi, drums
    (France, Italy)

    Guitarist Julien Desprez, known from the Mopcut in Fire! Orchestra, formed this version of the classic rock line-up (guitar, bass, drums) to carve an intense, electrified, and loud sound sculpture. Integrating elements of noise, funk rock and sound art, the three musicians mould and recast its shape through the rock idiom. What emerges is a highly energetic new music full of noisy brightness and sharp edges, complemented by a dynamic choreography of lighting effects that further underscores the suggestiveness of the overall soundscape. “Elements of abstraction, snarly noise and prog mixed with the guitarist’s gymnastic, dance-like manoeuvres on an array of floor pedals, including stage lighting controls.” (Josef Woodard, DownBeat)

    Due to the cancellation of his European tour Ben LaMar Gay will not perform at the 64th Ljubljana Jazz Festival.

    Artistic Directors (SI): Bogdan Benigar, Borja Močnik, Andrej Dré Hočevar*
    *(artist-in-residence; .abeceda VI.; Mladi Raziskovalci VI.)