Simulacrum feat. John Medeski, Matt Hollenberg, Kenny Grohowski /music by John Zorn/

    Sat / 31.07. at 20:00

    Cankarjev dom, Prešernova 10, 1000, Ljubljana

    admission free

    CD Park (Council of Europe Park), Main Stage

    John Medeski, organ; Kenny Grohowski, drums, percussion, congas; Matt Hollenberg, electric guitar


    * * *

    We regret to announce that Brian Marsella will not be performing at the 62nd Jazz Festival Ljubljana. He is unable to leave the U.S. due to difficulties in obtaining travel documents, but he’s promised to come during next season.

    Instead of the Brian Marsella concert, John Medeski will give a piano recital at the CD Club on Friday, 30 July.

    This has also resulted in some changes to the Main Stage programme (Council of Europe Park): instead of Chaos Magick, whose lineup includes Brian Marsella, Simulacrum will perform on Saturday with a different programme to their Thursday’s CD Club concert.

    Tickets for the Brian Marsella recital are valid for the John Medeski concert.


    US Embassy Ljubljana

    Cankarjev dom’s programme is co-funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia


    Nlb Banka

    Glavna pokroviteljica / Main Sponsor