Sat / 30 Jun / 22.00


Shake Stew 



Lukas Kranzelbinder, bass, leader; Fabian Rucker, alto saxophone; Johnny Schleiermacher, tenor saxophone; Mario Rom, trumpet; Christian Wendt, bass; Niki Dolp, drums, percussion; Mathias Koch, drums, percussion

Austria’s jazz band of the hour. In Vienna, Klagenfurt-born Lukas Kranzelbinder has compiled an all-star septet that includes members of Kompost 3 and Mario Rom’s Interzone. Selling out their first record, The Golden Fang, the band premiered at the Jazzfestival Saalfelden with great success. With Shabaka Hutchings as guest on two tracks, the band have recently released their hypnotic new album, Rise and Rise Again. A concoction of afrobeat and other African genres mixed with jazz grooves and shaken up into a highly engaging potion. Fresh music bearing the unmistakable stamp of the upcoming generation that will resonate with all music lovers.
“My dear friends, this is an amazing band. In terms of music as well as physical energy. everything about this band is just perfect!” Hannes Schweiger, Porgy & Bess review

CD Club, EUR 16, 12*
(double concert with Vasko Atanasovski Melem feat. Bojan Z)
Pre-sale until 31 May 2018