Lovro Ravbar & Get On Board Collective

Thu / 28 Jun / 21.00


Lovro Ravbar & Get On Board Collective 



Lovro Ravbar, alto, soprano saxophone; Tomaž Gajšt, trumpet; Jure Urek, bass trombone; Miha Koretič, guitar; Jernej Trobentar, guitar; Rok Lopatič, keyboards; Jani Hace, bass; Maurizio Ravalico, percussion; David Morgan, drums



In his latest project, Lovro Ravbar, a saxist actively engaged both in jazz (leader of various groups, Slovenian and Croatian national big bands, etc.) and rock and pop (LeeLooJamais), blends jazz with elements of funk, soul and other genres into an idiosyncratic ‘cosmic’ jazz.

Ravbar studied at Rotterdam and honed his skills in various seminars (Jerry Bergonzi, Donald Harrison, Dave Liebman…). Obtaining a BA degree in 2003, he completed his postgraduate jazz studies in Rotterdam two years later. 2008 saw the release of his debut jazz album, Rush Hour. According to the artist, Get On Board (2017) is a far different album from his first one. In an interview for Dnevnik, Ravbar explained that: “Groove is strong, acoustic music has been replaced by electronic instruments. One can speak of an analogy free from superfluous methodologies.”




CD Park, admission free

CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)