Thu / 29 Jun / 23.00




Laura Giavon, vocals; Pia Podgornik, alto saxophone; Giuseppe Doronzo, baritone saxophone; Tancrède D. Kummer, drums

Recent years have witnessed an emerging trend of international projects that include Slovenian members. A notable example of such international cooperation is LORE, an Amsterdam-based ensemble featuring Slovenian sax player Pia Podgornik, who belongs to a younger jazz generation (with background in precept.concept.percept, a trio that appeared at this year’s Festival of Slovenian Jazz Creativity – Snowdrops and Primroses). LORE’s haunting soundscapes are underscored by uncommon instrumentation and improvisational stamina. The quartet’s indefinable sound dexterously steers its way through minimalism, avantgarde jazz and quiet folk melodies.


CD Park, admission free

CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)