December Soul

Thu / 28 Jun / 19.00


December Soul 


Stefano Battaglia, piano; Salvatore Maiore, bass; Zlatko Kaučič, drums, percussion


Celebrating the 40th anniversary of his life in music, Zlatko Kaučič will appear at the Ljubljana festival with an international trio whose 2013 debut album, December Soul, was a runaway success (released on a prestigious Polish label, Not Two Records). Their latest musical offering is spun from a delicately nuanced and subtle fabric, and highly refined lyrical expressiveness.

“The bulk of this set boasts a subtle air of suspense, where the musicians engage in gradual ascension as a premise for colorizations and exchanges,” wrote Glenn Astarita in his review on the All About Jazz website. The Trio has toured the festival circuit in Italy, including Udine Jazz, Musica In Villa and Trieste Loves Jazz.



CD Park, admission free
CD Park (The Council of Europe Park, formerly known as The Kidrič Park)