Petra Cvelbar: In Women's Hands

Between 26 June (opening at 20.00) and 24 August 2018
Small Gallery, admission free

An exhibition by a photographer at home in photographing bands up close at the front of the stage, In Women’s Hands does not deal directly with the situation of women in the (music) world, does not wish to judge or emphasise it. It only aims to show that female presence (artistry) represents a different approach to music delivery.




13 JUN - 
NLB Avla Gallery (2 Republic Square), admission free

The long-standing, highly prolific and uncompromising career of Zlatko Kaučič – musician, composer, teacher and winner of various awards for cultural achievement – as seen through the lens of acclaimed Slovenian and foreign photographers (including Žiga Koritnik, Iztok Zupan, Petra Cvelbar, Jože Požrl, Tone Štamcar, Primož Zrnec, Luca A d'Agostino, Luciano Rossetti).
Curated by: Iztok Zupan.
The opening ceremony will feature a musical performance by Vid Drašler.