Ljubljana jazz festival

Wed / 27 Jun / 200


Dave Holland, Zakir Hussain and Chris Potter Trio

Great Britain/India/USA

Dave Holland, bass; Zakir Hussain, tabla; Chris Potter, saxophone


An all-star line-up of undisputed virtuoso performers, the trio revives the ideas of the 1970s jazz figures who blended jazz with other styles, most frequently incorporating elements of Indian music. The unbridled mysteriousness of Indian rhythms sensually overlaps with abstract and ethereal jazz themes. Dave Holland’s professional career spans over 50 years. He contributed to Miles Davis’ ground-breaking albums (Bitches Brew) and was later heavily involved in the lively new scene that mixed jazz with elements of rock, ethnic music, funk, etc. Zakir Hussain collaborates both with Indian classical musicians and jazz figures of such legendary status as John McLaughlin (Shakti) and Charles Lloyd (Sangam). Working with Holland for the past several years, Chris Potter has recorded and performed with many of the leading names in jazz, including Herbie Hancock, John Scofield, Mingus Big Band and Dave Douglas.



Gallus Hall, EUR 17, 20, 24, 28, 15*
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